Healthy Plus Snack Box

Healthy Snack Box

Our Healthy Plus Snack assortment is a mix of healthy snacks with just a sprinkle of traditional treats to ensure happiness for all.

Enjoy dried fruits, chips, popcorn, puffs, health bars, nuts, jerkey, treats, cookies, gummies, biscotti and more!  

Sevings size varys from 40-50 based on selection. 

We currently deliver Monday through Thursday and will default any online orders to a Monday delivery when possible. To request a certain delivery date use the notes section at checkout. Allow 2-3 days for processing. 

Please note a two week notice is required for changes to any recurring or subscription order including any holiday adjustments. 

Thank you for choosing Hi5 Produce! 


Satisfy the afternoon snack attack with our signature Healthy Snack Box! Filled with 36 servings of health-conscious goodies like vegan chips, puffs, popcorn, as well as health bars, dried fruits and nuts. Our super-scrumptious, single-servings snacks (can you say that 5 times fast?) are guaranteed to leave your team or family guilt-free and satiated.

We also customize! Call us today to set up your custom snack plan!