meet our team

picture of Dan Locsin smiling

Dan Locsin - Founder, Owner

Dan worked in the family produce business in San Jose. He became an expert in produce and the business of produce at a very young age. Dan learned to appreciate high quality fresh fruit and vegetables. To pay his way through college he became a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in San Jose, California. That’s when he realized he had a real passion for not only working out, but understanding the body. He received his degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition from San Jose State. He continued to train as he started his new position, creating and managing health and fitness expos in Pomona California. In 1997, Dan decided to venture out on his own in the world of health and created Hi5 Produce.

He enjoyed helping others so much, he wanted to see if he could spread the gift of health and wellness on a larger scale. Today, Dan oversees Hi5 Produce, and is the owner/creator of the Yoke Training System. He is also a personal fitness trainer, coach, writer, mentor and father to four children. He still works out like a maniac. He’s probably working out right now.

picture of Denise Locsin smiling

Denise Locsin- Founder, Owner

Denise has always had a passion for Holistic Health. She became a massage therapist to pay her way through nursing school. Both worlds helped her realize the importance of teaching people about health - before they get to the hospital bed. With this in mind, Denise has dedicated her life to better health research.

She is the author of Strategic Health Solutions, as well as a mom of 4 and owner of Hi5 Produce, Hi5 Health Network, and Yoke Training System Inc.. She is also many peoples’ favorite person.

picture of Denise Locsin smiling

Andrew Sablan- Buying and Delivery

Andrew has been with Hi5 Produce for over ten years helping with buying, delivering and warehouse operations. Andrew keeps the shop, all the vehicles and equipment running smooth and tidy. Andrew is Dan's right hand man!


picture of Becky

Becky Mattson- Office Manager

Becky started working for Hi5 Produce in October 2010. For almost ten years Becky oversaw the office tasks before she took a two-year break starting December 2019.

Becky returned to Hi5 Produce in August 2022 to once again manage the office, help with marketing and maybe even help with a delivery or two!



our philosophy

Hi5 Produce’s mission is to create a healthier world by creating a healthier community. We find the freshest, most delicious fruit available and then deliver it to companies and individuals all across the bay. Our goal is to provide easy access to better food, better information, and in turn, a better life.