Whole Espresso Beans Columbian Grown & Roasted 5lb bag


High Quality Columbian Grown & Roasted Whole Espresso Beans


We deliver quality

Every coffee is selected, roasted and brewed honoring the quality the farmers have lovingly crafted.
Colombian coffees are complex. They cover every range of flavor attributes you can think of, like sweet, fruit, floral, and citrus notes, along with caramel, nutty, chocolate flavors, and many others. Each region offers a different profile, aroma, body, flavor, and texture to the coffee, which makes each cup a unique sensorial experience that, in some cases, remains etched in your memory and perfect for every brewing methods.
Once you taste specialty coffee from Colombia, there's no going back. Each subsequent sip of splendid Colombian coffee will transport you to the mountains, the crops "Cafetales," and the fresh mornings with the farmers. It's a coffee that creates a feeling of coziness. It certainly feels like home. Each cup tells a story; each bag of coffee that you take home is the result of the passion and hard work of our farmers, who day in and day out, are in charge of cultivating, managing, and manually selecting the best coffee beans so that your cup is always perfect.

Now that you understand why Colombian coffee is so special, explore these different flavors and sensations. In our store, you will find 100% single origin, micro-lots, Colombian specialty coffees. Better yet, we work with the farmers to increase the quality of their crops and ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

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